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© Mauri Carpfishing - VAT number 02339610061 - Via Roberto Gandolfi, 25 15121 Alessandria (AL) - Tel. +39 340 2698601 - mail:
© Mauri Carpfishing - Via Roberto Gandolfi, 25 15121 Alessandria (AL) - Tel. +39 340 2698601 - mail:
© Mauri Carpfishing - Tel. +39 340 2698601 - mail:
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"Sale conditions and warranty"

Conditions of sale
Should you wish to purchase any “Mauri carpfishing” product, an advance of 40% of the final price will be required. The remaining 60% will have to be paid either through a banker’s draft or Paypal once you have been informed that the item or items are ready to be dispatched.
“Mauri carpfishing” will endeavour to dispatch any standard  orders within a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90. Should any item be tailor –made, a dispatch deadline will be agreed upon at the time of the order. .
The dispatch time will come into effect once the bank transfer has been paid.
By carrying out the order  and sending the required advance, the purchaser is tacitly agreeing to and accepting the conditions of sale, supply and guarantee.
Once the purchasing order has been made and the advance duly made, this signals the beginning of work and the completion of the order is final. No refunds are envisaged.
Should the remaining balance not the paid, the client will lose the full amount paid as advance.
Foreign companies should ensure they have “VIES “ in place before carrying out the order so as to be exempt from paying Italian VAT.

The “Mauri carpfishing” company guarantees for up to 2 (two) years against any eventual manufacturing faults or shortcomings for all serie "Fishing line", and 3 (three) years for all serie "Food line"
During the 3 years in which the guarantee is in force, we will replace, free of charge, any faulty components provided that they have not been damaged by the client.
They client will only have to pay the delivery charge and nothing else.
The deterioration of the plastic components, such as the roller and the mould, are not covered by the guarantee. These working life of these plastic components is tied to the material which is extruded. La loro durata dipende esclusivamente dalla tipologia dei materiali estrusi (mix, impasto, ecc.).
The opening of the control panel or any physical interference to the components , whether it be by the client or third parties, will result in the guarantee becoming null and void.
Therefore, any eventual repair work should be carried out by the manufacturer and should be contacted as soon as a problem arises.
Our company “Mauri carpfishing” offers a special exclusive  guarantee “Satisfied or Refund” on the c sui TOP 500 PRO, “EXTREME 500 PRO” , “EXCELLENT 500 PRO” and "Set Gold Pro" models, all of which are fitted with computerized control panel and “Rolling Table Effect”.
This special guarantee “Satisfied or Refund” is only valid should the machine be used exclusively for carp fishing. The guarantee works as follows, , the client has 7  (seven) days from the effective delivery to decide whether the machine is suitable for use and judge whether the boilies have a a high level of roundness. Should the client not be satisfied, he has the right to send the machine back within the stated seven day period and order to be granted a full refund
Should the customer not be happy with the roundness of the boilies produced by the machine , our company“ Mauri carpfishing”,   once in receipt of the machine, will carry out an inspection  to ascertain that the machine is in pristine condition and has neither been interfered with nor damaged..
Furthermore, our company will subsequently carry out a test to ascertain whether the roundness is up to standard or faulty as claimed by the client..
Once the test has been carried out and it has been established that the roundness is not up to the required  high standard, our company “Mauri carpfishing” will then duly refund the client the full total paid. All the client will have to pay are the delivery charges and nothing else.
Should the machine not reach our company in pristine condition, the cost of any damaged parts will be subtracted from the refund..
The “Satisfied or Refund” guarantee is only valid when the machine is purchased at the same time as the computerized control panel (PLC)“ with Rolling Table Effect”.

(All. IIA DIR. 2006/42/CE)

© Mauri Carpfishing - VAT number 02339610061 - Via Roberto Gandolfi, 25 15121 Alessandria (AL) - Tel. +39 340 2698601 - mail:
© Mauri Carpfishing -Via Roberto Gandolfi, 25 15121 Alessandria (AL) -Tel. +39 340 2698601-mail:
© Mauri Carpfishing - Tel. +39 340 2698601 - mail:
© Mauri Carpfishing -
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